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Comments from meeting planners and executives of trade groups and companies featuring
WILLIAM A. ALFORD, Certified Fraud Examiner

North Carolina Food Dealers Association (NCFDA)
(Loss Prevention Training for Retailers)
“Your training is focused on the “real world” and our members immediately relate to your stories and examples.  Because your training is practical and motivating, our members actually take the information back to their company and start reducing losses.  The upcoming convention will be the fourth time we have featured you as a speaker and I am sure you will be a “hit” again!”

Texas Grocery & Convenience Association (TGCA)
(Frauds and Schemes Affecting Small Business)
"Thank you for the terrific presentation held last week during our annual Expo and Convention in Dallas, Texas.   TGCA definitely plans to have you back for a future presentation.  Thanks again for making our educational session a success!”

North Carolina Petroleum Marketers Association (NCPMA)
(Employee Theft Awareness / Check Fraud)
"Thank you for the super presentation at the 2002 Management Institute.  Your contribution helped to make this year’s Institute one of the best ever.”

Shoppers Drug Mart (Canada)
(Point of Sale and Cashier Theft Training)
“I must commend you on a very professional, well-organized and excellent presentation.  I was elated to see that the ‘live’ data that I had collected for you to be used in your training actually uncovered 5 situations during the training that justified immediate investigation.  This was certainly a highlight from my perspective.  The end result is a stronger bottom line.”   “Your enthusiasm and passion…showed a genuine and sincere attitude and approach.  Your presentation engaged the participation of the coordinators, which was very remarkable.  The visual presentation was very well put together.”

North Carolina Association of ABC Boards
(Managing the Media In Crisis Situations)
"I heard many good comments about your informative and entertaining presentation. You do a great job of keeping folks on their toes and attentive during your program, and your use of video segments helped illustrate your points very effectively."


Comments from actual participants attending trade group conferences and conventions featuring
WILLIAM A. ALFORD, Certified Fraud Examier

  • Presentation was one of the best I’ve been to!
  • Get this guy back!
  • Excellent presentation; Held audience’s attention.
  • I liked the combination of Customer Service as a Theft Preventative.
  • I was fascinated.  Very helpful.
  • Dynamic presentation.
  • Good job of getting audience involved.  Good dynamics.
  • Very dynamic speaker.  Very well prepared multi-media presentation.
  • Knowledgeable with energy.  Very well done!
  • Held information to what one could comprehend without giving you too much to carry back and implement into our business.  Keeps your attention well.
  • Bring him back.
  • Excellent speaker, good personality.
  • He was wonderful.  My attention did not waiver.  I could have listened to him all day.
  • Good presentation.  Would like to see him again.
  • Gave good hand-on experiences.
  • Excellent, very informative presentation.
  • Was nice and energetic; knowledgeable; life situations were good.  He was excellent.
  • Very useful information I will use in the future.
  • Used case studies extensively and to very good effect.
  • Case study is excellent format.
  • Well pointed!  Bill was friendly and an excellent communicator.  Bill’s comic relief was done well to enhance the presentation.

International Lighthouse Group